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Improve your vision with laser eye surgery and custom contact
lenses from NYC Contact Lens Specialists. We offer a wide range
of optometry solutions to address your specific vision requirements.


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Turn to NYC Contact Lens Specialists for superior eye care services from the name you trust. Our optometry office is always happy to provide you with the treatments you need to see the world clearly.

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About Us

Add some clarity to your life with the eye care services from NYC Contact Lens Specialists. Our optometry office provides cosmetic eye care and custom contact lenses throughout New York, New York.

No matter what type of vision problems you are experiencing, the NYC Contact Lens Specialists will always be there to lend a helping hand. We offer custom fitted contact lenses and cosmetic vision procedures to men and women throughout the tri-state area.

Our customized approach is tailored to individual patients' eye conditions. This allows us to ensure an effective outcome that maximizes your vision and helps you maintain the quality of life that you desire.

Our team is backed by more than 20 years of experience in the optometry field. During this time, we have treated numerous visual disorders and impairments in hundreds of patients. You can count on us to correct your specific vision problems to give you the visual clarity you need.